How did they make ironman?

Maybe I’m just bad with search engines, but I cannot find out how the ironman movies were made!!! Does anyone know what programs and techniques were used in the film’s creation?

I’m pretty sure they did the usual. Live action, 3d, a bit of composition, and a lot of trial and error. -It depends from shot to shot. Whatever’s convenient and gets results.

3dWorld magazine had a big write up for IRON MAN 1 - Maya to do the suits with some insane amount of polygons and terrabytes for textures.

Lest we forget good old Lightwave (yes, the one that is often quoted on here because it is “not as good as blender”)
Pretty impressive work, both, modeling and animation if you ask me :slight_smile:

A big part of it was the metal shader that ILM worked on for a long time, first used in Terminator 4, and rendered in PRMan.

The CGI in the first one was much better than the second, watching it I got the feeling that they rushed the 2nd one.
The 3D animation was particularly average as well, like the scene when Tony was drunk. Some of it was painfully obvious. Not sure if they used mocap, but they probubly should have if they couldn’t animate it properly (or at least done it better)

The first ironman movie was great, the CGI was hardy even noticable, it just fit in and felt natural.

But either way the first half of Ironman 2 was good, went downhill from there though, didnt meet its potential. :no:

i actually noticed something when seeing the movie at the theater… When the movies are transfered to dvd and blueray, I believe they lose a lot of realism. At the theater, they look more like real film, and not as perfect. So by cleaning up the images and film, and making it all so perfect, in my opinion, they actually make it look worse. If we would add more imperfections and not try to make it look so flawless, then it would actually look better.

There’s a really wonderful visual effects magazine called Cinefex. The next issue will have a feature article on Iron Man 2, according to their website. If you’re interested, you might want to grab a copy. They’re big/glossy/expensive, but well worth it if you’re curious about the VFX industry.

Ive noticed this with HD as well, or maybe its just the amount of crap shows made with the ‘HD’ line used as a gimmick to get viewers. But yeh, HD seems to make things look too perfect and clean, unless done right of course.

I guess with blueray its just a new level of detail which directors need to adapt to.

If Cinefex is out of reach try the vodcast is a bit bandwidth heavy but there are podcasts too, you just have to dig around. +1 I think that the monaco scene was a bit diodgy too. But the final battle was stunning. ILM really kicked it there, comping was amazing.