How did you come to know of Blender?

(iluvblender) #1


I came across blender in Computer Arts magazine.

thanx CA.

(CubeFan973) #2

I used to like Star Wars. I was reading about software you could use to make fan-films. One was called “Blender” for some reason, and it had one tutorial. It had one advantage: It said it was free. So I downloaded, got confused, used some tutorials, then called a wizard to make me a Blender Master, and here I am!

(Grizzly69) #3

I got cutoff from my access to 3DSMax and went on a freeware search to replace it. Found Blender along with several other programs. I tried blender for about an hour, gave up and didn’t touch it for several months. The hankerin’ for a 3d creative outlet overtook me. I was determined to learn blender because it seemed to be the best freeware program. Bought the 2.0 Guide and went to town. It took awhile to get away from Max’s interface style (didn’t have to remember hotkeys).

My determination paid off, now I like Blender much more than Max. It is way easier to model in.

(Jamesk) #4

I found a really old CD from some mag I’d bought. It had Blender 1.62 or something like that on it. So I pointed my browser to the and found, whippiee, something called Blender 1.8. For windows even! And that’s how it all started for me… I’ve got all major and minor releases since then, subsequently downloaded, occupying a sacred part of my harddrive.

(acasto) #5

I was getting heavily involved in Linux, and was interested in graphics applications for it. So I searched around a bit for Linux graphics apps and came across blender. Although I didn’t really get into it immediately, I quickly recongized it’s potential from it’s complexity. I figured in it’s difficulties lay advantages, so with that in mind, whenever I would get bored, I would sit down and mess around with it. Try and figure out what this and that did, and eventually modeled my coffee cup.

(wavk) #6

hehe, same here, acasto. Except in my case it was BeOS:)

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

(jrt) #7


I’d been messing around with Klik n Play 2D game maker and TrueSpace for a while and was looking for a program that would make 3D games without the need to know a lot of progamming. Blender was the answer to my prayers. I found it a little difficult at first and put it to one side for a while like a lot of others have, but now that I’m really hooked it’s even making me want to learn Python to try to advance further. I can honestly say that it’s the best program I have used since I started in computers.
I know a lot of people knock it but where would we find anything better without spending thousands.


(rwv01) #8

A couple of years ago I was scouring the net for the coolest, best rated freeware out there. Blender was one of many things I downloaded to try. I didn’t know thing one about 3D graphics so I took one look at the interface and my eyes crossed! After several months I decided to go to the URL in the upper left corner and discovered the great community and all the resources I needed to get started.

(PowerMacG4) #9

I bought Blender books over 2 years ago. Then I started my own company (DVD Authoring). I needed to make 3D menus. Once I got a tax ID, Borrowed software wasn’t an option anymore, plus Blender holds it own. Love it. Also I bought SGI equipment.

(LethalSideP) #10

About 2 years ago, I was playing the best space combat game EVER, Freespace 2. I played it three times through, and then decided I’d try and make mods for it. One problem: I needed a decent 3D app. Everyone in the Freespace modding world was drooling about TrueSpace - I tried it and the interface nearly made me vomit :wink: . Then a tutorial mentioned Blender. Downloaded it (v 2.03), followed the tutorials (that took some effort!!), and discovered the ‘render’ button. I forgot about Freespace 2; the rest is history.

Aaah, pointless nostalgia.


(BgDM) #11

I was looking for something to make cool graphics and stuff with and I just did a search on the internet. I muffed through a few links and then I stumbled on Blender with one of the links. I started with Version 1.8, (/me just dated myself there), and I have been hooked ever since.


(Hexa-dB) #12

After formulating some more mature views on piracy I decided to stop using a dodgy copy of 3DS Max and look for an affordable 3d package to play around with. I came across blender which seemed to be better than most of the low range 3d apps I found.
I think I found it after Googling for freeware 3d apps or something similar.

(kaktuswasse) #13

first contact was in suse 5.3 it was on the cd’s and the only
3d-program for linux at that time… I opened it, got confused and
(btw, it was 1.68) deleted it :smiley: Then at version 2.0 or something like that
i came back,got my blender book and started to blend… :slight_smile:

cya henrik

(hannibar) #14

I was interested in making 3d stuff (especially games back then), and asked someone for advice on a program. He pointed me to the coreldream 3d stating it was one of the major 3d apps. (he didn’t know sh*t about 3D i realise now :smiley: ). It really sucked. So I wheeped it of my HD, and waited. A few years later, I read a belgiun magazine called ‘knack’, and saw an article about some free software which could make games… I dl’ed it, and while learning, I got more interested in the animation side of blender instead of the game side (I actually started with version 1.80 which didn’t have he game engine yet.)

(SGT Squeaks) #15

Well, I was spending 8 hours a day using Lightwave at work. But I didn’t own a copy at home because I didn’t have the money to buy a legal copy, and it’s not a good idea to show work on the net with a pirated copy of a program. So I checked out cgtalk and there was a thread about blender coming back from the dead. So I checked it out and I’ve been using it at home ever since. (well, only two months) But I still use Lightwave at work.

(Idgas) #16

It was my 9 year anniversarary (i have no idea how to spell) and me and my wife were at a book store. She bought me a book called Blender 2.0 and i was hooked. That was in February.

(JWalton) #17

I found it from Franks USENET posting. I’ve been using it ever since. (yes, version 1.23, I still have that copy too)

From: Frank van Beek ([email protected])
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Blender 1.23: Free 3D software for SGI computers
Newsgroups: comp.sys.sgi.apps, alt.3d,
Date: 1998/01/18

On monday 19th we will be releasing Blender 1.23. This version has
finally been tested on the O2 (thanks BowTie) and most bugs have been
removed. If you encounter any serious bugs on any of the supported
harware configurations, please report them and we will try to fix
them as soon as possible. If you want to use blender on any other SGI
system, please donate us one so we can port the software :wink:

You can get blender at:

We hope that you enjoy exploring blender. To help you finding you’re
way around please download tutor_1.01.tar.gz. This file contains some
sample blender files and a README to show you what this program can

And finally: we are aware of the fact that the manuals are still very
poor by any description. At this moment we don’t have the resources
to work out a manual that explains everything blender can do. We’re
hoping this manual will evolve in the next couple of months by your
and our combined efforts.

Stay tuned.


| Frank van Beek - NeoGeo Videographics |
| Stratumsedijk 2a - 5611 ND Eindhoven |
| The Netherlands - e-mail: [email protected] |
| voice: (+31) 40 2126588 - fax: (+31) 40 2125776 |

(kos) #18

heck…i was thinking of posting the same topic a while back!by the way i came to know about blender from a computer magazine called “digit” .it is the best selling computer magazine in was the first week of august 2001, i was trying to make a t-rex in 3d-canvas and was ending up plucking hair.then i installed blender from the magazine’s CD…i did not have net access came a month later.i did not take blender seriously for the first time and went up looking for a free demo version of max over the net(sounds funny…doesn’t it).then sudddenly without any motive i just written the URL of in the address bar.i got interested when i saw the gallery and found some links to some great tutorials on blender.since then the blender-cult has changed my whole computing experience and its still going on…more alive than ever…each and everyday.

(IngieBee) #19

Ok, I doubt anyone would admit to this except me… I’m gonna tell ya.

I got my first PC in 1998 although I had to learn CAD in school and my Mother was in Computers since the mid 50’s and my sister schooled in Computer Sci and is a programmer and they used to talk about computers non stop all my life.

My hubby was doing so many things on his mac that looked like fun too. But I could build a PC for a lot less money, so PC it was.

Anyway, no sooner am I on the internet then I discover actual 3d “worlds” people “walk around in”. I join Blaxxun (you’ve got to understand, I read Snowcrash back in 92 and here I get a pc only to discover stuff like that almost already exists! I was amazed, totally stunned). I wasn’t much of a chatter though (believe it or not, LOL) and I got more interested in VRML. At first it was using a note pad… then I learned about some software… all of it was clunky and I had to do so much converting of file types and then I joined “ActiveWorlds” but after a while I found that to be too restrictive and mostly for those who want to “chat” as well. But while in Active Worlds, I really wanted a program where I could model in, and in my search I found Blender 1.7… whenever that was :stuck_out_tongue:

It was hard at first also, but I haddn’t been using anything else for a while so I wasn’t so “used” to any interface. Then, Blender became GameBlender and I’ve been having fun doing architectural walkthroughs and such ever since. It’ll be great if someone someday makes it multiplayer! I’d really like that. In the mean time, I’m happy with what I can already do :wink: :slight_smile:

OK say it,
“What a silly woman” LOL Well, it got me here though :wink:

Love Ingie

(PowerMacG4) #20

Funny thing is I bought the Blender books 2 years ago. During that time all my friends were big in getting the “Borrowed” version of Maya and 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Softimage and Lightwave 3D. And they will all BASHED Blender 3D. now 2 years later they can’t even make a cube in those Softwares. For me the drive to learn 3D through Blender 3D is strong, but when I had those "Borrowed " Apps I will half step in learning them.
I have no problem in spending money in building a new box just for Blender. With the “Borrowed” software you never knew if the system was too old to run it (I seen Maya 4 break boxes) or the Apps were too hacked to run smoothe. So I was never sure to buy a new machine or not. But Blender you know.
Now I sit in front of my SGI Indigo2 and feel comfortable in that its legal, fun, fast and challenging. Go Blender Go Blender Go.