How did you find blender?

I just wanted to make a topic of how you found blender. Here’s my story.

I was doing research on game design at the beginning of May on gamedev’s forum and found a post that mentioned a little something called blender. So I did research on that and found it looked pretty good because it had a game engine and an excellent modeler. Since then I got it downloaded and was hooked to it ever since, I hadn’t made any games with it because the game engine wasn’t nessecarily high end but an exporter to the torque game engine will allow me to still use blender for model making once I purchase the engine.

Hey!! You beat me to making a thread like this! :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Anyways, I was visiting my aunt and uncle at Hume Lake. My uncle told me about Blender and what it could do, and now I can’t stop using it. Thanks uncle Damon!! :smiley:

Hmm…that was many beers ago so I’m trying my best to remember. :wink: I remember seeing the first Starwars (a new hope?) and I got the idea in my head that I wanted to get into 3d modeling and animation…So, after seeing how incredibly expensive the commercial applications were I started to do searches on free 3d software and low and behold Blender came up! I started playing with Blender and wings3d…got discouraged with Blenders old UI and quit. Once I caught wind that they revamped the UI a bit I got curious and tried again and I’m picking it up easier…by now though I’m used to Silo, Z2, and Cinema 4d though but with the new features of Blender 2.34 I may use it a LOT more. I’m already falling in love with the ramp shaders!


i wasent old when i first found blender. I used a Program named Klick And Play( It is a 2D engine) And one day my dad found Blender(Found a hacked version, it wasent free at the time he found it.)

And it was no Game engine either. but i liked to play around with it. And one day the Game engine came, I was so happy, But it took along time thhi i found out annything, I did never use a tuturial.

NOR.J, what version was it?

I first found Blender back in 2000. After seeing the intro for FFVII (where it zooms out of the city and then back into the train station), I started searching for a free app for making 3D. I found Blender (1.80) at, but I couldn’t do anything because everything kept disappearing whenever I moved the mouse cursor over it. A year and a half later (october, 2001, after playng around with DOGA-CGA), I went to and downloaded Blender 2.12 (the current version at that time). I’ve been using it (sort of) since then, and I’m never switching to any other app, or community, for that matter :smiley:

I was painting pictures and wanted to animate them. Someone from work mentioned Blender, so I put it into Google. I was lucky cause there was a mac version available. And I downloaded 2.26.

Your question sparked my curiosity. I was wondering how different the first version I used (2.26) was different to 2.33. So I had a look for the earliest version I could find for the mac… looks like 2.26 was it.

Result = Blimey! Blender has come a long way since I started using it - and thats just over a year ago. There was almost had a twinge of nostalgia and fondness for the grey gui, button layout etc. Makes me wonder just how different the very first version was.

Believe me, it was way different.

pics of the gui?

Look at the tuts here.

THe UI is old.l

I’ve seen the screens of the old GUI, they have done some big time improvement since 2.30. I was lucky I didn’t have to twiddle with it.

Thank you Orion119net! :stuck_out_tongue:

:-? What do you mean?

he is the person that got me into blender. We are friends.


Looking at this thread really does make me feel old, what with the mentions of you young ones using 2.0 and modern release. Well sit around and I will tell you an ancient tale of how I came to start using Blender.
Back in the day when computers still took up lots of rooms and 32bit color was a god send I used windows and a free version of extream3d. A few years passed and I finally installed Linux and tried to find a good 3d prog. Everything that I found seemed worthless and not very powerful, except one program that seemed very nice. I installed the program and began a long and hard journy through an impossible interface. This was back in late 1998 in the days of 1.5 and right before the C-key was released. The program was way more powerful than my earlier program, so I had found a wonderful alternative and went on to buy the manual (1.5 one) and torment myself for many long days. But those were the days, back when everyone had such help for each other, not like you young wippersnappers ;), with many tutorials, community site like blendermania and other uh stuff.
Now get to sleep (cracks cane at) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I 1st found blender about 3 years ago… played with it abit and couldnt figure out how to do anything on it at all so it dissappeared from memory. then bout 2 years ago a friend showed me it and after learning the basics i soon grew very fond of it. :slight_smile:

I purchased a Computer Arts magazine about four years ago that came with another 3d app on the cover cd. It was called Merlin 3d. Not very impressive, but I was excited that I could find “free” 3d apps. I tried several free apps listed on the Computer Arts website and settled on Blender.

I’d seen blender a few years ago and payed not attention to it … a while ago I took it up because I was looking for a free program … that’s how I got into blender… The only reason for me to learn it was because it was free…

I cant remember, But i looked on one of my old blender CD`s and i found Blender 1.62 or something