How did you find my first project?

That’s my first work at Blender.Please tell me what I am doin good and what’s bad so I could improve myself.

mind blowing, this looks like a real photo

looks quite delicious to me:eek:

Did a Blender guru tutorial?
Looks ok.

Here are some pointers:
The edge of the plate is sharp.
Maybe a bit of SSS on the pink part?
The color of the doughnut itself is maybe a bit odd? Doughnuts, i think, are not exactly single colored?..

It looks well. Some help:
For making hyper-realistic you have to look several real photos of donuts on google Pay attention to the details of the frosting texture Think about the idea of how to imitate that with the tools of blender. The specularity, the translucence (sss) and so on. Actually I don’t like the cup maybe a reflective material will be better.
The texture of the donut (not the frosting) doesn’t look realistic. Look for diffuse textures of biscuits, donuts o something similar to achieve a better result.
Learn about advanced materials with specularity maps, normals, sss materials etc.

Thanks for all your comments! I will try to improve myself with your valuable reviews :slight_smile: