How did you find out about Blender?

How did you find out about Blender?

This right here is it for me,

I came across that just browsing the internet one day. I downloaded it and thought it was really cool, and he said that he used a program called Blender on that page. So I looked into it and have been a happy person ever since.

I saw a great 3d pic modeled with sth like blender and asked my brother if we have sth like that on our comp and he said the magic word : BLENDER :smiley:

My uncle had it and showed it to me, around 3 years ago.

I got interested in modeling for Civilization 3 units. Then I got 3D Canvas. I liked it but it was limited, so I got OpenFX. Then someone mentioned Blender. It’s a million times better than either one of those.

Has already been asked a few months ago…

On a game maker tools site (Ray Game Designer 2, which sucks) it said you needed to make some models with Blender or Milkshape. Blender’s free, Milkshape’s not so I chose Blender.

thank you softwork:cool:

my parents bought it for me for christams


but really they bought me a cd of ebay with loads of free graphic program on it


the first time i found about blender was from Colin

“3D was done with Blender” :smiley:

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I had bought something or an other (perhaps my ATI All-in-Wonder) that came bundled with Merlin 3d. I got into the idea of a CG music video for a couple of my songs, and found that Merlin was far too light weight. I started looking for a freeware 3d animation app that had real features (modeling not based on basic primitives, key framing that worked, etc.) Eventually Google led me to Blender 2.25. Since then I’ve been too busy trying to keep up with Blenders extremely fast developement to actually make the video! By the time I start to get the hang of the version I have Blender has added new features that would make the video so much better that I start relearning all over again. Is there such a thing as too rapid developement, or do I just need to stop upgrading and deal with what I have?

I found out about it when a show on techtv…machina something?? showed it. You could say it started my whole interest in 3d

I was at some graphics forum, and abstract Cinema 4D renders was big. They were posting various renders they liked, both abstract and realistic. To be honest, I didn’t really know there were programs like that at all before that. I had never really thought about anything 3D. Not how Pixar made their movies, not how game characters were made, not anything. Then a guy showed up, posting some decent renders he had made, with Blender. He had converted to 3DS Max though. Anyway, I had never heard of Blender,so I googled around a little bit, and boom!

I remember the first time I started it and watched the interface… All I could figure out was how to move the box around… I couldn’t even figure out how to rotate the view.
One octopus tutorial later, and I was in heaven.

DeviantART made a deal with Bryce to get discounts for members. It was still pretty expensive, but I read through the comments and found out about a 3D program called Blender. A quick Google search, et viola.

I like collecting cool free software,About 1 year ago,I found out it in google haphazard,aha.It’s great 3d software!

I’m sorry, but there have litterly been hundreds of threads asking this question. (ok maybe not hundreds, but quite often)