How did you get to where you are today?

Like really, when I was trying to explain to my friend about how did I learn to 3D model, I had no idea where to start and how did I proceed from there. How about you guys? Might be able to remember from how the lot of ya started and progressed :slight_smile: I can kinda remember modelling with extruding edges and making a model like that, edge by edge. And from the edges, make a face. And textures, well, painted them and it was bad initially. After that, I learn how to bake hi-res textures from sculpted high-poly models and hey, no more hand-painted terrible textures. But of course, gotta overcome it someday. But not today, not today… Feels like I skipped some part. Maybe the tons of practices, but I’m not too sure. How about y’all? And since I’m doing this as a hobby, if there are anyone who was had classes/courses on it, also would be interested in the differences there and what not. Might be interesting.