How difficult is it to create a head from a photo

i would like to create a head from a photo in 3D. How difficult is it to do this and how would you start to do it.

In the end I want to cut this with cnc out from a block, so this schould be really photorealistic from the shape.

Another thing is, how much would this cost if a 3d-artist would do this.



That is like asking, “How easy is it to paint the mona lisa”?

It is an entirely artistic and subjective thing, and it depends on how correct you want it…

I would start by learning how to create heads in general, become a good artist and then work from there…

Cost? I really don’t know figures, but there aren’t too many 3d artist out there that both are able to re-create a head(perfectly) from photo’s and are availible for work.

if you’ve never done it before, you’ll struggle. there are of course lot’s of tutorials, but it will take some time to dig into them.

if you let others do it, it highly depends on the artist himself. a professional studio might easily charge a couple of 1000 €, while a student maybe will do it for 500 €.

the difficult thing is to find the right topology of the mesh. for animatable heads there are certain rules, and for CNC cutting there may be others. informations regarding this would be very useful.