How difficult would it be to make a RTS?

I wanted to make a RTS game. I started making models for it with blender, but then realized that perhaps I could use BGE to make the entire thing. How difficult would it be to do this? Would I be better off using XNA?


Its like anything else really, it would all depend on your experience with the BGE and the dedication to actually make it, you would also need to be willing to learn to code python because im guessing a game of this type would be murder with logic bricks :/.

But its not impossible to accomplish in blender, if your new to BGE do some tutorials first, learn the ins and outs, make a few smaller games then attempt something on a larger scale, but if your quite experienced with the BGE and python skripting then go for it.

PS; Whats XNA?


Depends on what you are trying to make, but it would definitelly be very difficult especially if this is your first time making a game (in which case I suggest you start with something smaller, like a pong clone, or something along those lines)

Also, keep in mind that making a game isn’t just making models and animations, those are just game assets, you’ll need to know quite a bit about programming game logic (which is a little more difficult than pushing around a few verts, and slapping some textures on)

XNA is run by microsoft, so I don’t recommend it, since microsoft is known to restrict indie developers in one way or another. It’s more along the lines of a content pipeline for studios, rather than a full engine for individual developers. It’s just another lock in policy.

Use open standards, don’t let microsoft boss you around.

What does RTS stand for?

Real Time Strategy
Like Age Of Empires and those types of games.

Two words - A I

that’s a lot of scripting

The hardest part would be making the online gameplay, but if you aren’t gonna do that, then the pathfinding AI would probably be the most difficult

Another thing to think about would be the amount of polygons that would need to be onscreen at once, and you’d need to have a lot of dynamic objects in the game. A lot.

I have some Java programming experience, so I’m not a total noob. But I haven’t gotten into the BGE too far yet.
For something simpler, I’ve already tried to set up an architectural walkthrough like this blender tutorial: I’ve modelled my parts of my interior (I haven’t added any actors or done any logic), and as soon as I hit PKEY the program crashes. I think this is because the poly count is too high. Could there be some other reason?

I dont think blender could handle an RTS…i think that your computer would start slowing down too quickly once you get 100+ men on screen.

try to make the RTS multiplayer, if u cant make it LAN or/and internet,make it so two players can play on the same computer…
Well, sounds stupid,but is not…
Slitscreen and one can use the mous,and the other one use the keyboard or a gamepad.

Ouch! That would be a lot of work, and a LOT of time…but if you’re serious about it, go for it!