How do a bake and animate?

I come to you expert guys with hope you can help me.
I did this plataform animation that serves as a collision. Then I added 4000 rigid body balls that will fall from the sky and are gonna bounce and roll to a collision bowl. I changed the Game options to “Enable all frames” & “Record game physics to IPO”, and some say I have to press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P for quick bake, but that is not working. The cursor, turns into a rolling circle, meaning is doing something, it stays like that for about 8 minutes, then stops, no IPO or anything.
I need that to bake, so i can rendered to diferent camera angles, but there is where I am stuck. How can I acomplish such a thing?
Thank you.

I have Blender 2.49 running in Ubuntu 10.04 (64bits)
CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.57GHz
GPU: Quadro FX 58O 512MB

4000 rigid bodies is a lot. Test it out with just a few first of all to make sure things are working correctly, then gradually add more.