How do add this texture to this model?(Large image)



Need to know how to:
A: Make the texture into a texture for use in the model
B: Apply the texture to the model

The tutorials don’t help.


A: What spacific questions do you have about the tutorials?
Maybe we can help.

B: Why include such a big image when just saying “a large brick wall texture” would have done? :slight_smile: JK

I agree, what tutorials?

but, even without that reference, I’m guessing what you want is to take your material image and use it as a tileable texture across your model. In order to do this, it must be an image that will repeat itself smoothly.

Easily done, and in your case already done.

check out this gimp tutorial

Essentially you take your image, cut it exactly in four’s rotate the four pices together, and then manually make sure the edges line up smoothly. Do it again. and there- you have a tileable texture.

Gimp’s Layer -> Transform -> Offset function has a button “offset x/2 y/2” to make this process pretty painless.

Now, from here you probably need to go into LSCM unwrapping, and that can be a (necessary) pain with complex models. But, if you don’t really care that much, just apply the image as a texture. (eg. add a material -> add texture, use an image texture, load from this file you have) That should get your texture applied in the most basic of ways.

I did this with your texture and my tower model. Only applied to the central cylinder (hence my selction of tube setting in the map input). I know the lighting sucks, and there is not the correct rougness to actually be a brick wall, but you should get the idea on how simple it is to apply an image texture. I left everything else defaults, except the texture -> map input size X/Y/Z set to -10 each because otherwise the bricks just looked awfully huge on my model.

I’vev done all of that, but how do you apply the newly done texture to the cube in question? (my model) I’ve selected it, but nothing good will come up related to “apply Texture”

try pressing Alt-z to look in textured mode

Thanks, I’ve decided to find images, or order a dvd to find out what Ash’s house, his town, and Oak’s Lab actually look like, blueprint it, then model it.