how do Blender handle displacement maping when we need?

i ve view lots of blender CGs,that all looks very cartoon-like, what if someday i need to creat a realistic stuff, does that means that i have spend money to buy another expensive software?

i m not asking a tutorial, just the basic concept about how you do it.

thanks all

Displacement mapping works fine in blender. The displacement mapper only moves existing vertices and does not create new verts so your mesh must be subdivided enough to show the detail.

General description:

Sample picture by endi:


but what if i hav a need for some specific texture which blender did not provide, whats the solution?can i creat one by my own? like making some tile-like stuff and past it on my model.

thank you

You can create your own textures in a painting program such as the Gimp or Photosthop, then apply them as tiled images or UV map them to your meshes. Check out the textures chapter in the Blender wiki:

Procedural textures have their place in certain situations but the majority of the time texture maps for bump, displacement, specularity and colour etc. are hand painted and/or photographed and then uvmapped onto the model.