How do delete missing data blocks from .blend?

Hello! I’ve got a situation:

I need to pack my .blend file, I can’t because there are 2 .hdr files reported missing, I don’t care about these, I want them gone from my .blend file, however there doesn’t seem a way to remove data blocks from Blender.

Purge all doesn’t work, how could I delete a data block from Blender?


  1. Try saving and reloading the file. If those images are indeed not used by anything persistent, the user count should drop to 0, at which point purging should work (as well as saving and reloading again).
  2. If (1) doesn’t help, switch the outliner to Blender File instead of Data API, find the image(s) there, right click -> Delete.

Thanks! Switching to Blender File fixed it

When you say that, do you mean it allowed YOU to manually delete those files, or that it automatically deleted/purged unused image files??

it allowed me to manually delete the files

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Cool. --I really need one compact video that goes over all the Outline display modes, no doubt I’m missing out on some functionality there, although I suspect a lot of it is above my pay grade.