How do flourescent lamps and plasma screens work?

The English version of two short clips, originally made for the Israeli “Teva Hadvarim” TV channel.

Sound is a bit problematic - had to talk real fast for it to fit the origianl Hebrew dub. I hope it’s understandable.

I like it. The orbital scene was a bit unintersting visually, I might have kept the camera moving slowly throughout the shot instead of the static way you did it.

Clean look, very no-nonsense approach.

Very good! I love those kind of animations.

As far as audio, when I do voice recording, I use a sock (yeah the one from my foot) with a wire coat hanger to stretch it out. Then I place that in front of the micorphone. It works great.

Watched only plasma-screen video. Works well, but i’d use something other than basic Musgrave texture for picture initially on screen. :slight_smile: Customer’s own logo maybe :wink: Also spark is rather lackluster, but then again it’s contraced work, they liked it and it does it’s job adequately… :slight_smile:

can you post the hebrew version?

nice im learning stuff! =D

really neat