how do game files work?

okay so a model, thats all in one single blend file, but what about a game?

im unsure of how it is setup is every single element of the game contained within one file and just has say models on one layer environments in another etc.? or can it be setup to use the essentials in the main file while importing materials, models, etc as they are needed?


Everything must be included in the .blend file. You cannot import models and materials from external files.

You can split sections of your game up between more than one .blend file, though. Use the Game Actuator to switch to another .blend file (for example, to switch from level1.blend to level2.blend).

Also, you can split parts of your game between different scenes in the same .blend file.

You can model your environment and models in the same layer, but if you want to use the Edit Object Actuator to add duplicates of the same object (like duplicate enemies or powerups or coins), then you should must put them in a separate layer that will not be visible when the game is being played.

okay thanks alot i wanted to get an awnser to this question before i went ahead making more animations i have my character and a walking animation and if i started making the rest of the animations that would of been a pain (maybe?) to put them into the same file

oh and if i have models from other .blend files how can i put them into the same file?

you can use the menu Append to get anything from other files.