How do have several reference images open at the same time?

If I open several images as reference, they disappear once I click a face, even if I activated fake users for them:

How can I get them to stay in place?

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I would recommend using an external program to maintain a view of reference images. My personal favorite so far has been PureRef:

I am sure there are others but I have not looked in quite a while. I usually use it with the “always on top” window flag.

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Found the answer, and it was really obvious:

You just press the little thumb tack icon! :slight_smile:

(Sorry, I’m not used to Blender UI actually making sense…) :wink:

There are a couple of other (easier) ways to bring reference images into blender as well.

References as a part of the viewport background (only visible in the editor tile you add them to):

Image empties (visible from all 3d viewport tiles):


and how do i change the opacity of it in 2.79 version

In the N panel > Background Images > Opacity

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i want to use 3 plane simultaneusly.
that will be for only one

you need to change the opacity for each image, if this is what you mean

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