How do I add a model from a file?!

I am a total newbie ok so I can’t figure this out.

I made 2 models in 2 different files. I am now trying to make one file with both models. Everytime I try to import one the other is gone. OK so now I quit and try to find some info. When I restart Blender one of my models is on the screen and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Whan I start a new file the model is still there.

I need to get this fixed in order to do anything now. [!]

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have your cursor in your main 3d window for this.
hold down shift and hit f1.
find the file you want.
open it and select object.
it should be in there.

oh, and about your model being there when you open a new file…
somehow you hit ctrl+u (i think that is what it is) and saved your settings.
delete the file and hit ctrl + u again it will resave your settings with the object gone.
once you decide how you want all of your “new” projects to start (objects, views, rendering settings, etc) then hit save your settings again the same way.

I’m not sure if you ever did this before but you can also just use the Layer tabs that are in Blender. Once you click on a different layer, you can model something else under that tab and then Shift Select all the tabs that you modelled your ibjects under and they will all be in the same scene, ready for rendering.

LOL Yeah I figured this out finally. Must have hit the ctrl+U at some point in the process. Bad thing is I deleted everything and hit ctrl+u . Oh well I am learning.


I was experimenting with the layers. In fact I was trying to import one file on another layer but the first layer kept vanishing. Probably because I wasn’t doing it right.

Big thanks. Working