How do I add a new menu entry into blender menu?

Is there any way to add a new menu entry into the blender menus? I would like to get a new menu entry"File->New Project …" (right below File->New) And then execude some code (c++ or preferably python) that creates and sets up all the directories for a new project (scenes, textures, scripts, yfexport, render …).

I wouldn’t want it to appear in the scripts editor menu only.

It’s not possible to add a script into any menu. There are several exceptions to this though. You can add a script entry to the help menu for instance.

What about a true c++ plugin ?

I don’t see how that would make any difference as Blender does not support C++ plugins. You can however use C to code texture and sequencer plugins.

Most of Blender is written in C except for some parts of the game engine.