How do I add a second external texture file?

I’m creating for a railroad SIM and use one external texture file for the model that works fine but I also require a small plane in front of the model that can have it’s texture file changed in the SIM. This basically allows different numbers or names to be given to the models without having to have separate models for each number.

My assumption is that this is possible and some how I will be able to select which texture file I wish to apply to the plane.

My notes say
“F6, choose as texture type “Image” and load your image file” which worked fine for the first one.

I assume I should start in edit mode but currently no window appears when <F6> is pressed.

Suggestions please

Thanks John

The panel is still there, it’s moved over to the right to make room for a new one which appears when you assign your first texture. The “add new” button may be obscured because the texture name is actually the first and only item on a drop down list of your textures. Click the button
(the texture name) and you should see “Add New” as an option so you can include the new texture.

To choose which texture you want to use, go to Materials section (grey ball icon (F5) then red ball) and there should be a list of the textures under the “textures” tab at far right. The check marks can be used to show which one you want to use.

If you need to actually change the texture “on the fly” (in game):

I’m in 2.46 looking at SR-2 model, I’m in edit mode, UV/Image editor in one window. I can see the name of the existing file in that window.

If I hover the mouse over up and down arrow to the immediate left of the existing file name it says"Browses existing choices or adds new." If I click on these arrows the only choice seems to be the existing file name.

If I play with the options it allows me to add a texture but not an external texture file that I can see.

The SIM I’m creating for does not use the Blender game engine and I have some fifty or so models created already that use the texture replacement technique in the SIM so I’m very comfortable with that side of things.

I just wish to add a second .tga file to the project and use it to texture a plane.

I suspect I should be in the button window or somewhere to add the second external file.

Thanks John

I used open on the image menu and that seems to have brought the image in. In the camera I can see the texture. Unfortunately my exporter needs the plane to be assigned to the material.

I’ll go and play further.

Thanks John