how do i add a vertice to my mesh


Can someone please tell me how i add individual vertices to my mesh please. I have obviously missed something in the documentation and i would be most grateful if somebody could assist me



ctrl+left mouse button ?

I tried that, but it seems hit and miss where the vertices go. Can i not simply select one of my faces, and add a vertes, at cursor point?



Not that I know, but after you have added the vertex you can “Shift-S” snap the selection to the cursor.

it might not be what your looking for, but you can use the knife tool (SHIFT + K, drag, and hit enter). it will cut edges in two.

You can extrude (E) one vertex to get another one near.

Another way is to duplicate (SHIFT+D) one of the vertices you already have.

I advise you to use Extrude (E) to extend your mesh in whatever direction you want.

Remember, yertari, that you can add vertices with ctrl-LMB, but you will have to manually add faces by selecting 3 or 4 verts and hitting the ‘f’ key.