How do i add an image texture to my model?

Hey guys, as you know im knew and i think i “broke it” lol. (bad joke) anyways i think i messed the texture tab “things”…(newb sorry…) by trying to add a wood texture to my chess piece. I have a wood texture image saved on my pc, and i want to know how to render it on the model when i hit F12.

Please help.

Click the “Load” button on the right, and find the image texture you want.

AND turn off colourband. With colourband on it will map a custom gradient to the image (dark colours will be mapped to one end of the gradient, light colours to the other end.)

next you’ll have the much harder problem of wrapping a 2D image round the surface of a 3D model.

Or you can easily unwrap your model and set the image on a UV window to see and manipulate texture directly from the viewport.