How Do I Add An Image to a Sphere as a New Layer?

I’ve never used Blender before, but after finding out that Adobe Illustrator cannot make the logo that I need I have turned to Blender. The logo I want to make is similar to a link I tried to post, but couldn’t and I have already figured out how to make a sphere, but I cannot figure out how to add a .png file as a new layer to wrap around the sphere. If I can upload the .png I want to use and have it wrap around the sphere like this URL I tried to post, but couldn’t after which I will follow this video to make the 3d letters.

So far I have to say that the Blender UI sucks big time. It’s horrible to navigate, is nothing like Adobe or any other editor I’ve ever used, and it doesn’t even use normal symbols for navigation. I just found myself uploading an image and getting stuck looking at a giant square with a horizontal line down the center with no “x” visible to close the window.

You need to indicate what you are wanting to do. You can report your post (small triangle in the bottom left corner) and say what link you want adding to your post. Remember blender is not an image editor so you’ll just confuse yourself if you think in terms if illustrator or photoshop or other 2d editors.

I’ve found what looks like a good tutorial to follow unfortunately at 2:50 he opens a new window and when I tried to open it I opened up something vertically in addition to a new menu that has transform and grease pencil on it.

I cannot close either the new window or that menu because I don’t see an icon on any of them to click in order to close. I tried using control + z for undo and that did not work. How do close things in Blender?

You opened the properties window (also keyboard shortcut N). You probably pressed the spall + symbol instead of dragging the small corner triangle. You can also split/join windows also by right mouse click on the window border when your curser changes to a double arrow and select ‘Split’ or ‘Join Area’. To join you drag your mouse to indicate which way you want to join the window.

The right mouse button does bring up an option to split or join, but the little list of options is not visible for very long and when I try to select join I see the window gray out a little bit, but whenever I try to select the window I want it to join with the option list closes and nothing happens.

A lot of times when I right click nothing happens at all.

This would be a good program if it would just create an x to close at which point I would continue my tutorial. Obviously whoever built Blender is smart enough to build it, so why are they so stupid that they don’t create easily closeable windows?

If you can’t even split/join a window maybe you need to re-assess what you’re capable of doing. You split/join windows so an X just wouldn’t work so its something you’re just never going to see. If you intend to use blender you’ll just have to make some effort, just like with any other complex piece of software.
Demo showing how to split/join windows

Well, I got the hang of joining areas. The problem is I just joined the wrong one. After the tutorial had me do different things with a second window I accidentally closed the first one into the second. If the Blender people expect normal people to use their software then they should put forth some effort to make it user friendly.

or I guess second joined into the first. How do I recover the first window? I tried control +z for undo and that did not work

Also, there needs to be a menu or series of menus containing all the hotkey options so that people can just click and select stuff without having to Google the functions of the hotkeys.

Well, that video sucks too. I’m now stuck at 4 minutes in because the guy says to hit shift followed by an incoherent word. It sounds like “delu”, “dalu”, or “delew” as in “hit shift delu”. I’ve never heard of a key called “delu”, “dalu”, or “delew”.

Come to think of it this forum sucks too. Every time to try to post a reply to this thread I have to login again. Haven’t you people ever heard of session timeout? For a forum like this it should be set to a few days not minutes. I can’t tell you how to do it in PHP, but in ASP.Net you just have to set session timeout in a web.config file by changing one line of code.

Obviously blender isnt for you, maybe you should give this a shot instead


Seriously though, you have to realize that there is no standards for software UI design. You are comparing vector graphics (2D) and 3D content creation software, which can be used to make 2D art as well as 3D and adding the element of time in animation bring the dimensions to 4. Adobe Products usually follow a design convention for their software, if you learn one you may be able to pick up another product and use that just as well, and in reality this only works really well when using PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Anything takes time to learn, but it looks like you’re not investing the time and basing your assumptions in 4 minute increments with anything from simple operators to watching tutorials. There are plenty of resources out there to help you out. If you are rendering, or opening, or something the esc button works like the ‘X’ if you got there from the 3D view, which I understand is a big complaint of yours.

And your posts are 1min to 8min apart, is this just due to the ranting of try one thing, not figure it out, complain, try again, complain? Not really sure how to help you out here.

Any area can contain any editor. By going to the leftmost button in the header of an editor, you can change to another editor. I will assume that you inadvertently joined away your 3D View. To bring it back, that’s the editor type that you need to choose.

From reading your posts, it appears that you need a good, solid introduction to Blender’s interface. There are a variety of good resources for that online (many linked from this forum).

Blender has integrated search in its interface. Simply press Spacebar and begin typing the operation that you’re looking for. Not only does this give you the operation and any hotkeys related to it, but it allows you to perform that operation immediately.

There is a session timeout; it’s just shorter than you would like. If you would like to maintain your session, you’re more than welcome to log in with the “Remember Me” option enabled.