How Do I add an .XML theme to Blender?

How do I add an .XML theme file to Blender. I am using Blender for mac. Do I add it in the User Preferences or somewhere else. Please explain. Thanks.

Thanks, I understand the path directory but there are no subfolders in my Blender folder.

I am on a mac and in my “Aplications” folder I click on the Blender 2.62 folder but there is no subfolders visible that I can open. I have sub folders for other Applications but not for Blender. I don’t understand why?

Here’s my Blender Folder


Moved from “Released Scripts and Themes” to “Python Support”

Richard, you are also on mac if I remember correctly. Do you see any subfolders in (Applications > Blender 2.62) because I don’t and I am feeling pretty stupid right about now. :frowning:

I’ve created a tut on YouTube on how to install Themes on a Mac.

FloridaJo, I couldn’t figure out how to get to the Blender folders. I didn’t realize you had to Right-Click on the Blender Icon and select “Show Package Contents” to open the Blender subfolders.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!