How do I address a bone object?

I can get an armature by doing e.g.

armature = Blender.Armature.Get(“myArmature”)

but I can’t do e.g.

bone = Blender.Armature.Bone.Get(“legBone”)

I want to be able to manipulate bones as if they were in posemode but using Python.

there’s a “getBones()” method :wink:

I know but that only returns the list of bones in an armature. I need a reference for a particular bone so that I can move it. I guess since it’s just a Python list I can index the array but isn’t there a way to get a reference to a bone object by doing something like Get(“bone name”)?

Update: I just indexed the list of bones and was able to get a reference that way. However, I can’t change certain attributes. setSize and setLoc aren’t working. setRoll, setName etc. work fine.

setSize sets the value ok in that getSize returns the value I have set but it doesn’t update the display even though I’m redrawing.

I’ve just tried out setPoint in the lattice object too and that doesn’t work either.