HOw do i ake a movie file with blender? (using animation)

I made some animations and i rendered them, so like i pressed the Render Button, however i would like to know how do i make a movie file, so like to save it as a movie file.

First go to the Rendering Options tab by hitting F10 when pointing at your 3D button window. In the Format tab on the right, you can select what kind of file you want to save in the drop-down. By default, it’s on JPEG, which render frames into individual files (make sure you choose the Start and Finish frame numbers in the Anim tab).

If you’re just doing video (no audio) and you want it to cross-platform compatible, then choosing AVI-JPEG instead will produce a single avi file. You’ll have some options for framerate and quality and whatnot.

If you have sound too, you can choose FFMPEG and select from a variety of audio and video codecs that you have installed on your system. Quicktime MOV is another good option for cross-platform compatibility.

Pick one and then click ANIM to try it out. It will save in the output folder you specifiy in the Output tab (on the left). Try a few different ones and see what works for you.