how do I align two models by overlapping areas

i am sure I just did not look for the right keywords but I am just not able to find anything…

Is it possible to put together two models by aligning them in an overlapping area?
In my case I have two 3D models made of a drone survey which have an overlap, so the west of one model is the east of the other one. how do I align them precisely?
It is possible to do it just by moving them around but this is on one hand too complicated and too unprcise on the other hand.

Thank you!

Have you tried vertex snapping? Should be able to snap the corner of one to the corner of the other. I’m surprised nobody answered it.

Apps that do registration for scans typically sample points in two scans and try to do a best fit from one set to the other. The user picks 3 points that are relatively close matches although will not have exact correspondence. This is because the topology will vary from one scan to the other even in the same area. I believe Cloud Compare (free) can do this, although it uses point data rather than meshes.

you can align any mesh w any geo- in your case vertex snapping using cursor pivots and “active” snapping. If you show blend we can help!