How do I animate a 3D mobile with swinging pieces?

Hi fellow blenderers,

I’ve been asked to create a 3d logo that will be in the style of a hanging mobile. Does anybody know how I would go about hanging the pieces from 3d string in blender and then rotating the mobile so that the pieces swing on the end of the string? Would I need to model and rig the string? Or is there a way to use the game engine? I’m not really sure at the moment.

Here’s an example of the kind of thing I’m talking about

Thanks for your help in advance guys!

just keep it simple and model everything as simple meshes. then just keyframe animate them. the strings will just be long rigid tubes. It’s not like you are making a video game where things will be bumping into the mobile over and over in different ways so you don’t need to do any fancy rigging with logic bricks or anything.

Hi looduplicate, thanks for the reply. I reckon you might be right. I always find things a bit fiddly when animating in Blender, guess I need the practice then!..