how do i animate a bullet

hi there i have a few questions regarding the animation of a bullet like a bullet from a gun, not a web bullet. anyway what i wanna do is pretty much make a quick repeating animatioon the i can loop and then drop into after effects so my to main problems are this :

  1. i know this is probably real easy to solve but i frogot how you do it anyway when then bullet is spinning how do i get it to loop seemlessly and not like slow down act weird when it switches from the end back to the start of the loop.

  2. alright this is the second thing i was trying to make happen but cant figure out. i was trying to get the lighting to change on the bullet as if it was travelling down a tunnel with lights every so often so that the light reflects on the bullet but once again i am have a problem getting this to loop

thanks if you can help that would be super duper

  1. Goto the IPO Editor and change the Curve Interpolation from Bezier to Linear.

  2. either add lights along the tunnel or parent a lamp to the bullet and animate the Energy.


alright well that seems to work but i have 2 lights how do i switch to the other light when i select it it still shows the same ipo curve

If you’re in 2.4 then unpin it. If you’re in 2.37 or 2.4 you probably duplicated the Lamp with Alt-D (instead of Shft-D) so they are linked. Unlink them by clicking the “2” on the Datablock (of the “Links and Materials” tab in F9 or the “Lamp” tab in F5) and make it Single User.