How do i animate a lamp to change color?

so i want to use a light that flashes fast from color 1 to color 2, and back again to color 1.

Like this reference :

How to do that?

Right click on the color in the emission node in the shader editor, set keyframe, and repeat.

kinda tedious, doing that everytime, is there any faster way? it flicker less than a second, i had to repeat it, would take forever to finish,

Quite some methods available :

  • The right click menu as said
  • Pressing “I” while the mouse pointer is uppon the color
  • Clicking on the dot next to the color
  • Activate the auto-keying (it work only on values that have one keyframe or more implemented).

Like any keyframes, you can edit those after on the dopesheet and graph editor, use some modifiers and make it cyclic.

There’s a bunch of tutorials out there, but usually you use a noise modiifier in the graph editor that randomly chnages a value that is used as a mixrgb factor for twot clors (or emission strength, or whatever)