How do I animate dismemberment in Blender?

Extremely new to Blender here, I have a robot model I plan to use in a game I’m making. It’s more or less finished with basic animations ready, but now I’ve run into a problem. This robot model is supposed to fall apart (IE lose limbs, head disintegrates) if these body parts are struck with extremely high impacts. How do I make the limbs (And head) separate from the main model for an animation? (Note: I also want the severed parts to have visible insides rather than just being an empty void, meaning you can see wires and pipes sticking out of them if they are blown off)

You need to make each body part an independent model with its own animation. Then in-game, you use a game object for each model (body part). Then when the robot is hit you detach one of the game objects and apply it some force and torque and let it roll all over the ground.

Wait, 1 animated piece for every different way it can get dismembered? There are currently 11 different ways that it can fall apart (On paper), would that mean I need to do every single piece?

Depends… basically, it all starts with a storyboard :wink: show some

Not that, what he means is that, for example, my body is one model but I need to have it dismembered i’ll simply make my body model not be a one model but 4 or more models. I would have in this example make head as mesh, left hand as mesh, fingers as mesh… Etc.

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As for you, you have the robot as one big mesh, go into edit mode, select the parts that will fall off and RIGHT CLICK then choose separate, separate by selection. This way you just divided your robot into different pecies.

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Ah, I see what you mean, thanks for the clarification!

Another quick question: When I do export the model, is it exported as multiple separate objects that are easily distinguished by a Game Engine? That way it would be much easier for me to implement dismemberment inside the actual engine along with the animations, because I’m planning for each dismembered part to conform to Physics separately from the main model after being severed

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Depends on game engine. In Unity you may have to separate them. Read this:

Am sorry, i happen to know nothing about the topic. :cat: