How do I animate shape keys?

Okay, so I have my character modelled and rigged, I have some actions in the action editior, and I have these actions organised into a nice little animation inthe NLA editor.

I then thought it would be nice for my charcter to have some facial expression. So I made some shape keys, and now…I dont know how to animate them? Can someone please tell me how to incorproate thse shape keys into my animation?

there are some sliders for shape keys also in the action editor. select the object with the shape keys, then you have to click on the little arrow keys ( in the action editor ) to make them appear. then you just move through the frames and slide the sliders to make the keys.

You can use Python scripting to move shape keys. See thisclip.

This is Daz3D Free Character Treefrog. Imported in Blender alongwith its morphs. All the lipsync work is done using shape Keys using Python scripting. After creating Mov file from Blender, added Sound with 3rd party mixing software. Animation and rendering is done in Blender.

select your character in object mode. Open up the action editor. Select view shape keys in the liitle view menu. Go to the frame you want to start at and move the sliders. You will see real time facial expressions. The keys are automaticaly placed into your action. This takes a lot of practice to make it look good. Good luck…Cindy

@kkrawal: Care to post your code on how to do this in python?