How do I animate uv coordinates?

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I guess the subject says it all! Thanx.


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:-? hmm…

I want to think that you mean animating textures, but I’m probably wrong… Well, I know for a fact that a python plugin was built to animate textures, at least. hope that helps a little…

as far as UV coordinates go, ask fred pyo; he uses haze in his game that looks like it might be scrolling the uv coordinates to get it’s movement effect…

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Yeah, the technique I used for the animated texture was just an addon to a uv scrolling function. It’s pretty simple to do, if someone else has a scrolling anim lying around, Im too tired to post it right now.

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K, I uploaded the simple uvanim script. You can input a speed property for horizontal, and a speed property for verticle movement. A value of 1 will move the object at 100% of it’s size, so you wont see any scrolling if you set it at 1. (At each point in the script, it moves the uv coordinates over by 100% putting them back to the start position)

You can get this script along with the particle script at my site.

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:slight_smile: thanks for the link, Saluk; I’m gonna see if that particle script will help me out a bit to spruce up my game.

…Evil!! Where did you hide the scripts?
…also, for whatever reason, the pictures weren’t registering on my computer…
Heh, one of your affiliates is really talented; to the point where I want to rip my hair out in frustration, cuz I know I could never do as good as him…(at least in pre rendered graphics…)

well… thats all for know… let me know where you put the scripts later, m’kay? :slight_smile:

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sorry, they’re on the download page:

Hmm, I thought my page was easy to navigate?
Maybe the css doesn’t work right on your browser, I dunno. And the only pic I have is halfway down the projects page, I’m not sure what you are seeing. What browser might you be using?

If you haven’t tried it already, try refreshing the downloads page, it might have been the old one.

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:-? hmm… I think I see the problem…
The link you just posted, and the old one I went to, are two different sites. Have you updated the link on your signature?

also… I don’t know why there would be something wrong with your old site, as when I went there before now, when I went to check out your zelda game (which is pretty cool, I might add), all the pictures where up just fine; I think it’s something on your level.

lastly, I like your new site: it has a clean, futuristic look, that accomodates your work well.

thanks for the link, btw :smiley:

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Oh yeah, the site in the sig is WAAAAY out of date. No WONDER everythings been wrong. I always make a weird mistake such as this at the last minute:):):slight_smile:

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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why do you hate me so? I try and try to be good, but when I make one little innocent mistake you jump all over me.


I think I done enough blendering + elysiun browsing for today. Man I’m beat. Gonna go lie down now. Thanks for your support Joecool.!