How do I append two Blend files and keep collections intact?

I’m at the stage in my film that I need to start combining different objects I’ve created into one scene. Every time I try to append a file it works, BUT the collections that I have made and organized are gone.

I’m assuming it’s a toggle I’m missing somewhere but I’m unable to track it down.

I’ve tried linking object to an individual file but at that point I’m no longer able to move my objects around to make animation adjustments.

Thanks, Tim

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I’m still with 2.79 but layers (or collections in 2.80) are IMHO for “grouping” and organise your visual layout and saved in a blend-file but aren’t selectable for appending. So in 2.79 you have to go to a ‘free’ layer and append your data and then choose to move to another layer to reorganise. I asume it’s similar for collections? Well if collections a nameable (layers aren’t) it would be nice to have them ‘importable’ or ‘appendable’. (I 'm curious for an anser by a 2.80 user.)

Collections are appendable like groups in 2.79.
The problem is what CookItOff discribes. The organisation is lost and the naming changes.
Perhaps that is just because it is still beta.

Okay than it maybe is worth to be mentioned as bug … because appendable BUT lost organisaton and scrambled names !?

Occasionally I spend some time on and a quick search gives something about ’ object paste and append Active Collection property not working’ on
… authored by Brecht Van Lommel on Feb 28 2019

but this does’nt help @CookItOff yet i guess

I can say collections in 2.80 are honoured, I just did a little sample scene with my own collection of objects, within which were 2 objects parented to another. Creatign a new scene and importing that coleection, everything came in as I expected.

Importing from 2.79, I create groups which basically are per layer, in 2.80, these are shown under “collections” when appending. However, if you don’t create groups, then there are no “layer” collections.