How do I apply an effect to a mesh?

I have a load of objects that I created with Python.
I want them all to have the same particle effect.

I try to copy the effect from another mesh using
copyAllPropertiesTo() but this doesn’t seem to work
(BTW what does this do, the doc says zero)

I can create an effect with new and copy everything
using the getters and setters but…

The doc for doesn’t tell you how
to “link” it to a mesh object. Neither does the
Object doc.

I tried link() but Mesh doesn’t like Effect data

I look in the “outliner” window to get a clue
and… effects don’t show up either.

Any answers?

I’m also waiting to know. I asked for this 3 time over, no answer.
up to now it look like not implemented.

The same thing happened to me with the scene module
a while back.

I wanted to create a scene to use as a background.
Of course I created the the scene but could
I find a way of linking it up? Oh well, just have to wait
I guess.

Still it’s annoying to keep running into dead ends
in the api like this…

Be happy :

I suppose six months isn’t really a long time to wait…

Question :

Anyhow does this mean I have to install Python 2.4
(which may be a pain on my iBook)
or can I just get by with 2.3?