How do I apply Curves

Hi all,
Ok I am making the golden gate bridge and sense the towers are done I have started on the cables in the main section. I added a circle extruded it to the size I need for the main cable and like the orig. the cable needs to curve from the two towers. I’m in edit mode with the extruded circle selected and I hit shift + H and it disappears. I’ve gone and made sure that my draw type is wire and I’m not in shaded mode. I’m not. Is there a way to do this? If so how. Any help is valuable.


Do you mean convert Curve objects into Meshes!!???

Select your Curve object and do Alt-C

  1. most likely you have hit the H-key ( not shift+H) in edit mode. This will hide the selected vertices (Alt+H to reveal).

  2. A curved cylinder (cable) is best made with an curve object and a circle beveld to it.

Do the following:

Add --> Curve --> bezier curve ( or NurbsCurve )

give it the shape you want to have (this is the rail curve).

Leave EditMode

Add --> Curve --> bezier circle ( or NurbsCircle); scale if neccessary

give the curvecircle an object name i.e. OB:profile

Type in the name of the curvecircle to the BevOb button of the “rail curve” (Edit buttons)

(Or follow a curve tutorial.)

No oto, how do I apply a curve to a mesh (the extruded circle)

Well I have tried the Add --> Curve --> bezier curve ( or NurbsCurve )
and it disapears there too.

Anyone have a link for a curve tut.

Hm, there is no way in blender to extrude along a curve (it’s a pity)

Making a bend cylinder out of a mesh circle is a bit annoying.

You have to repeat the extrusion several times and either place each segment in the right position by hand or use proportional vertex editing with a very high radius (move or rotate; it depends). A third way would be the warp function (shift-W) but this gives rarly good results.

Still I’d recommend curve objects which later can be converted to a mesh (Alt+C)

When does it disapear ?
Open curves will not be displayed in shaded view mode. (same for any object without faces)

Go for IamInnocent’s curve tuts in the tutorial section.

Thanks torbit,
Its alot of steps but it works :-))

I have another question ok I’ve made my bezier curve and I bev that but it doesn’t seem to make it round like a cable is looking at the end of it. So I made another bezier curve rotated it so it would be upside down and repeated the above to get where I need to be with the cable. Is there an easer way to do this? I’m I going the long way around to get it done?