how do i apply decals?

(rixtr66) #1

i have forgotten how to apply decals :frowning:
i know there are a couple ways,could someone refresh my memory :o
i would be eternally greatfull!!!


(haunt_house) #2

make an image texture and use a targa picture with an alpha channel.

say ‘use alpha’ in the texture buttons


(bob_dog) #3

You might also want to use an empty object for texture coordinates to position the decal just where you want it. It makes it much easier.

(Dittohead) #4

Targa has alpha.

Corel Photo-Paint says it can’t have an alpha channel.

I’m confused.

(theeth) #5

sorry for the raw format :frowning:

all the [ br ] tags should be replaced by < br > tags…


(haunt_house) #6

then photopaint is ignorant or stupid or a liar :smiley:

(jms) #7

use TheGimp…