How do I apply white glass to the object with natural reflection?


the object is this:

I want to create a fine view of transparent white glass and its reflection after doing a render.

What techniques do I have to use?

Thank you

First, you will have to give the object a glass material. Simply go to the material editor and replace the principled material with a glass material. Set the roughness of the glass material to 0.

Then, you will have to use Cycles as your renderer for a realistic result. You will have to go to the “light paths” section in the render settings and set the glossy max bounces to something rather high (try 12) and also make sure the “total” setting is set at least as high. This is important, because realistic glass needs to have the light reflect multiple times on the inside.

Third, you will need to have something to reflect in the glass. You can either place the object into a 3D scene, or use a HDRI background:

If you go with the HDRI, You can also use the setup shown in the video so the reflections appear on the object, but have the background stay a plain color.


Many thanks :slight_smile:

Throughout your guidance, I could change the object into glass, but the environment is not bright and is a little dark.

How can I change the scene into a light and live environment?

Of course, I got a render in Rhino, but it lasted one hour and a half, just for one frame rendering (that is a very long time)!

If I can get such the render in Blender in a short time, it will be excellent!

Also, I couldn’t watch the video due to a problem. What is HDIR?

An HDRI is a special kind of 360 image that you can set as the background for your scene. It’s different from a standard image because it contains lighting information (it can store the actual brightness of lights in a photo). If you search for free HDRI on Google, you will find quite a few.

To use them, go to the material editor, switch to the world settings and plug an “environment texture” in the background material:

If you want the background to stay a solid color:

By default, the image will be visible in the background. If you want to have the reflections and lighting, but still have the background be a solid color, add this:

This will make the camera see the background as a solid color, but the models will still see the background as the HDRI.

Finally, also add this, to prevent the image from being visible in the transparency

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I could get a better render by changing some items and increasing brightness of the scene and object. Of course, I put max samples 30 and it hasn’t a high quality yet.

I also couldn’t find HDIR in Add list of Shader Editor

You won’t, what you’re looking for is “Environment Texture” which lets you load an HDRI image

Hello, Joseph

Where is Environment Texture? I can not find it.

That’s because you have to set the material editor to “world” mode. Then, you will be able to make a material for the background.

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Hello, etn249

I did do what you said, but I don’t see Environment Texture there?

You can get it that way:

Or, if you want the more advanced options, you can split the window and switch to the actual material editor.

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