How do I attach an object to a Mixamo Control Rig?

Asking because i’m new to blender and I have a rig i want to use and i’m animating it

I mada a few characters that dance using mixamo motion capture files. And I have a lot of fun.

You can create your own mixamo rig and manualy set poses.
I did it with

  1. blender version 2.93
  2. installed mixamo add-on
  3. mixamo web cite, ( free log-in )


  • Make you character, and delete camera lights all exept your mesh.
  • Export your Mesh from blender as my-character.OBJ file.
    At Mixamo web cite
  • Log in and Upload at web cite MIXAMO.
  • See link below, how to set circles at your character, next, next your obtain your character in window. You can test dance, walk etc your character plays at once at cite.
  • Mixamo generate rig for you character, and FUN starts.
  • You can test how you character dances at MiXAMO web cite.
    -Download your character from MIXAMO web cite as .obj file
    colada files work well for me.

Blender and mixamo add-on

  • Import in blender my-file. obj which you obtain from mixamo web cite.
  • Set textures and material for you character.
  • Pres N and select Mixamo tab to open mixamo options
  • There is GENERATE button and it will make rig circles around your character.

YouTube tutorial

Import FREE Rigged and Animated Characters into Blender with the Adobe Mixamo Add-On

I just made the mixamo rig and here how it works

  • From Mixamo web cite, download (FBX file, for unity, with skin)
  • Import in blender as FBX.
  • Click at armature, and skale whole charater.
  • Apply scale.
  • Press N and choose Mixamo tab, and press Create Control rig.
  • Go to Dope Sheet and chosee action editor. Change acctions.


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