How do I attach armor/weapon to my animation?

Hello, I’m a game developer and to make my character’s animations I’m doing the old lazy way
(one model to each member, attach and animation in code with glRotate, glTranslate, etc)
However, my characters are all boring because I cannot animate as free as I want (their’s knees doesn’t move as they walk, etc).
I’m looking for changing to Blender animations, but I don’t know how should I do to attach weapon/armor in each frame?
The way I’m doing, I just translate to the end of the arm, draw the weapon, and translate back. How would I do that with just one model?
Do I need to place something on the model that I can find the position later in code? Or am I suposed to create one animation to each possibility of armor/weapon?
Sorry if I posted on wrong forum, this was the one I thought would better fit.
And Thank you.

Make the weapon a Child Of (use the “Child Of” constraint) each hand bone, then switch the Influence from one to the other by changing the influence from 1 to 0 to 1, etc. You can have many Child Of constraints per object to move them from hand to hand and many objects can have a Child Of constrain targeting the same hand.

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Thank you for your reply!
But I didn’t really understand. Do I need to do it in Blender?
I’m trying to find a in-code solution that I can apply to each weapon, because my plan is to hire a 3D modeler to create the characters, and I make the weapons/armors myself with another software.
I thought about marking a point on it’s hand, find the point in-code and draw the weapon there. Is there any solution like this, but more elegant/better?
Sorry for the double post. The message advising that I had to wait disappeared too fast, and I thought I hadn’t worked.

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Anyhow: the short-answer is probably, “empties.” These are, “literally, objects that consist of 3D points in space.” When parented to various points on an object or armature or what-have-you, and given appropriate names, these empties will provide “a point, an orientation, and maybe a vector.” All of which can then be used, programmatially or otherwise.

But: engage your 3D modeler early! Instead of “guessing at” what she might need to do her part of the project, select and engage her now, and ask her what she truly needs.