How Do I Bake A Pose or Make The Pose Permanent In My Mesh?

I have modeled my object, rigged it, posed it and now as a final step I need to bake the pose so I can delete the rig and move on with lighting it. Does anyone know how to do bake a pose so the object keeps the pose in Edit Mode and so that the bones can be removed? I have scoured the internet and have found several people saying that all I have to do is select my object in Object Mode and then go to the modifiers panel and apply the armature modifier. Well, my object has a ton of separate parts so it isn’t like I can just select the whole object and there is no armature modifier anywhere that I can find to apply. Hopefully someone here knows how to do this and can help me out. I am using Blender v2.65.

Thanks in advance,

Nevermind, I finally figured out what people were saying. I shift selected all the parts of my object in Object Mode, then I added a new modifier and chose “Armature”, moved it to the top of the stack, selected my rig and hit apply and got the results I needed.

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