How do I bake AA'ed shadows onto a texture?

I baked a texture to a shape, but the shadows have no AA.
How do I fix it? (This isn’t being viewed from blender, it’s in another engine)

What do you mean you tried to bake AA? AO? Anyway, when you do baking you have a lot of choice on what to bake next to Bake Mode. But to bake AO, you do need to have that function turned on as well.

I’ll put it in more plain terms…
The shadows are hard. I want to bake soft shadows into the texture.

How do I do that?

To get soft shadows you will have to use a soft light source or soft shadow options. Can’t make screenies right now but it is under light options then shadow then soft.

Also, you could do the process in post pro. Simply using a gausian blue on the baked Shadow map would be fine.