How Do I Blend A Tattoo?

Hello everyone. So i have been using stencil mode and I have a tattoo that I am trying to add skin color around but I am having trouble blending the skin. Please see attached screenshot for detail.
Does anyone have any suggestions to get the tattoo and skin to look natural please?


Bump. Can anyone help me please?

i think old fashion clone brush would help

You may be better off using two separate textures. One of just skin, and the other of the tattoo, but using alpha. The tatto is opaque where it the design is, and transparent in the surrounding areas (where the darker skin color is now) you can then overlay the tattoo (and play around with it’s own overlayed transparency to really blend it in well with the skin) in addition to that, you can move the taotoo around, either by using separate uvs, or by just moving it around in image editor.