How do I break a link when duplicating?

Like the title says…when I duplicate and object…then animate it, it animates the one it was duped from as well :spin:

Anyone know how to stop this lol…


there are 2 ways to duplicate an object

Duplicated + Linked Duplicate

Alt +D - will create a a linked Duplicate
Shift + D - Will create a copy (not linked)

if you want to unlink the copy - press on the number next to the name of the object in thew link and materials tab in the edit buttons (Make single user)

hmm…shift-d seems to be the one that makes the animation link for me. Alt-D makes it so I can animate one and leave the other, but then the single user material button goes away so they have to share a material! Ahhh! :confused:

click the single user button for the material

it works the same way
(it’s in the links and pipeline tab in the materials buttons)

Also, I would mention, that you can control what gets copied when you duplicate by looking at the Edit Preferences window (the menu along the top.) Pull the window down and click the Edit Methods button. You will see an array of buttons that control what gets copied when you duplicate an object. Sometimes I want the IPO and sometimes I don’t.