How do I build a skybox from a 3D environment?


I’m working on making a game in unity and would like to build my own skyboxes from environments created in Blender (not just a photo-stitched picture of a real place). I’d be aiming for something along the lines of this kind of work where the creator has modeled their own planets and space scenery:!/content/3392

Ideally, I’d like to know how to create the background scene, and the 3D models within it as in the space scenery and planet/asteroid models from the linked samples. If you know of a tutorial that covers this or have any pointers, I’m all ears! Thanks :o

it depends on the type of geometry and mapping you intend to use. there are sky boxes shaped like cubes, and ones that are shaped like spheres. there are also environment maps. some skyboxes are UV mapped, and others use spherical or cubic mapping.

Hey Modron, thanks for the reply. Are you able to tell what geometry and mapping were used for the skies I linked? My goal is to replicate that kind of work. But I’m will to start from anywhere to be honest.

If you want a spherical one, you can follow this tutorial. It talks about a bit more than you are asking for, but it covers making of spherical environment maps for and in Blender, and is not too long.