How Do I Build Blender for 64-bit Windows

Yes, if I could I’d like to start making 64-bit Windows builds for blender as there doesn’t seem to be anyone who is doing that right now. But because there aren’t many people doing it there doesn’t seem to be any guides up on what I should do.

So, yeah anyone out there want to tell me what I am supposed to do with this page. It has lots of links to files but no directions on what I need to do in order to start building native 64-bit Windows.

Currently I’m following Mpan’s guide but it seems to be for 32-bit only.

Thank you!

No more ?


Here’s a link to a pretty good thread, you might need to use VC++ 2008 Express instead of mingw.
That thread is a couple of months old too though.
Just remember to google ‘jesterking’ with whatever obscure build error you’ll probably get later on, :smiley:
and there’ll be some good solution. He might see this thread, and help you out a little.
There was also this thread, but it’s also 5 months old.

err, has an official build for 64bit windows…

but i’ve done it by myself with cmake, vs2005 x64 and the win64 libraries as well. It’s not different from building with visual studio on 32bit at all.

Hi Mike, Kay’s trying to build the GSoC multires version for 64 bit,
and also hopefully a 32 bit version. :smiley:
I guess you would be a good person to ask about experiences with MingW and 64 bit :smiley:

thanks andy. Kay, I successfully built a win64 binary with Eugene’s MSVC guide. Just make sure you select the right compiler in Cmake. Everything else should just work. Feel free to PM me if you have problems.

[Oh okay thanks a lot everyone! and I will PM u if I do have issues

Yikes these are some mighty long downloads it will take a while to download them all probably a couple of days as my internet connection likes to cut itself off for 10 seconds or so like once every 2-3 hours

lol ya my Linux was not working for some reason then I come back home after not turning my computer off like I normally do when I leave and apparently Windows which I had been running at the time auto rebooted for some reason or another… well… Linux is my default OS while Vista and XP are optional, so it automatically booted up Linux and HEY!.. it’s working again :smiley: