How do I cancel a keyframe path?


There is probably a simple answer to this question, but I can’t find it in the book. I have made a keyframe path in an animation and now I want to change the path. I seem to be locked in to the old path and I don’t want to go back to the beginning of the project. Advice? Thanks

(RipSting) #2

If you simply want to change the path, just save a new keyframe on top of the existing ones. You can see the object’s path by pressing Shift-K (Alt-K hides them).

If you want to manually change the movement curves or delete keyframes, you’ll need to open up the IPO window!

Select your animated object

You can bring up the IPO window different ways:
Quick: Press Ctrl-LeftArrow
OR Shift-F6 to change the window type to IPO, Shift-F5 to go back to 3D

Longer, but will let you learn the blender interface better:
move your cursor to the edge of any window and right click when you get the double re-sizing arrow. select “Split Area”. Then, with your cursor in the new window, press Shift-F6.

You should see some curves in the new IPO window. If you don’t, make sure you have the button pressed that looks like an empty object in the header of the window. You can press the picture of the house to center the vew on the curves.

You can delete entire motion curves, or edit them by selecting them and hitting Tab. The button that’s shaped like a Key is also very usefull. With it, you can select all the keys from an individual frame and delete them or move them to another frame. Just experiment around.

If I wasn’t very clear on this, search for an “IPO” tutorial in the first post on the Q&A forum.