How do i capture screen

I have a problem with a wire frame after I used boolean operation. To explain it i need to post a screen capture of the wireframe. How do i capture the the wireframe in edit mode please.

what OS?

Ctrl-F3 or Ctrl-Shift-F3 will produce a screenshot of the interface in the current selected format.


Thnx theeth.

Well that’s understandable. Blender’s booleans make hideous wireframes.
Unfortunately we don’t have anything better. Yet.

Usually the best way to do it in blender is to think it out first, and build the result directly, rather than building the parts and booleanising them.

As an example, in some programs, the easiest way to make a window in a wall would be to make the wall, and subtract the window. But in blender the easiest way is to make the outline of the wall and extrude/scale in, only making the parts of the wall that aren’t window.

Of course, this means you need a bit of forethought when you’re building your models, and somethings (like booleans with spheres) are harder to do and you have to cut corners…

BTW: is anyone working on a better boolean engine?