How do i chamfer in Blender 2.5???

How do i chamfer in Blender 2.5??? anyone got any ideas:)

Use one of the bevel tools
Bevel modifier
Bevel selected edges (bottom of page)
Bevel Center script (blender 2.49)


Thnx for the response, however it is the bevel center tool i need to bevel selected edges. I cannot find that script in the modification window where it used to be. The bevel option on the specials menu in version 2.48 works fine but it is not in the specials menu in 2.5; You only seem to have the option of using the bevel modifier that bevels all the edges of a mesh not just the selected ones.

The bevel center script and bevel operation are not yet in 2.5.
The bevel modifier can bevel selected edges. In the modifier settings select BevWeight. You can then adjust the bevel Weight of the selected edges (Ctrl+Shift+E). You can have multiple bevel modifiers which is the same as applying the recursive button in the bevel centre script. By adjusting the edge bevel weights and bevel modifier value you can have variable bevels on the same model.


Wow thnx for the info, will give it a try tomorrow.
Much appreciated:D

Richard how are you setting weights again? I can’t seem to have anything happen with ctrl-shift-e

see the post I just made here: