How Do I Change Hair Colour In Particle Edit Mode?

I’m building my hair up in a couple of different particle sets, representing different layers etc, and i want to change the colour of each whilst working so it’s easier to view. i’ve got materials set but they’re all just black in PE mode ~ what am i not doing right?


I’m afraid when in Particle Edit mode, Blender treats hair particles as edges and vertices and so won’t colour them. If you want to work on each particle layer separately without being distracted by the others, then you can turn of their viewport visibility. Each particle system will be listed under ‘Modifiers’ in the outliner.

Edit: My bad, Richard Marklew is right. I should actually open Blender and check when I post sometimes. Sorry.

When I’ve just tested using multiple hair particle systems in Particle Edit mode, only the currently active particle hair system is black. The others show up as their respective material colours

much obliged, maybe i’ve just set something wrong as it didn’t seem to be working. off to fiddle!