How do I change material color/brightness in this node setup

Hi guys,

First of all happy newyear to all of you!

As a follow up question to my previous post (ill reply to that one tomorrow), I have a quick question about a node material setup that is generated from the ONELVXE addon (pipeline materials)…

Im trying use it’s materials, and Im getting the hang of it…but Im stuck at some points. as a test, im trying to get a this object to have a marble look. I have applied the textgure and UV unwrapped the object.

My question: if I would want to change the color and the brightness/contrast of this material…what would I need to add to the node setup (and where)…

Here is te blender file…thank you in advance!

Without the textures embedded will be hard to test (and I’m too lazy to replace them right now :p), but I would guess between Albedo-Albedo or Albedo-Surface Color. Doesn’t really matter as Albedo-Albedo is just a passthrough anyway (nothing happens to it inside the group).

What you should add would be brightness/contrast node, RGB Curves, Hue/Sat, or Gamma, depending on your preference.

Ah yes, that seems to be working, thank you

One more question though… How can I insert all those nodes (contrast, hue, gamma, rgb) to the same albedo input? It lets me connect multiple node to the left albedo output side…but not the right albedo input side… Theres probable a node for this :slight_smile: