How do I change selection radius of mouse-select action?

What’s my problem?
When I click (or, rather, press mouse button) somewhere near an object, vertex or anything else, it gets selected. That’s OK and desirable result if i click almost at the desired object, but my Blender (2.75a) takes it way too far. By “way too far” I mean that when I click somewhere on a whitespace around or inside the model, it just randomly starts selecting stuff (it actually selects the closest thing, but with a complex model and different angles the result is random anyway). And since my box selection tool is bound to “tweak” action with LMB, sometimes (almost always) it will screw my carefully set previous selection, forcing me to use a keyboard shortcut.

There is no difference if selection is bound to Mouse Press or Mouse Release, since the first selects a thing closest to starting point and the last select a thing closest to ending point.

Also, I’ve found a bit of a workaround for this, binding selection to my Click action produces almost the desirable result, but it makes Blender behaviour inconsistent between selection modes – in all the rest selection modes that require direct clicking on elements, the element is selected/deselected the instant the mouse is pressed, while in this “workaround” mode it is selected only when mouse is released. Which is generally a bad thing and a definitely bad for me.

What do I want?
I would like to reduce Blender’s selection radius for mouse clicks, so that pushing my mouse within 4-8 pixels of a vertex would still select it, but outside that radius it would not.

What would I want in a perfect case?
The ideal way for my basic workflow would be an element being selected when clicked upon (or rather in a very close proximity) and everything being deselected when I click not in proximity of anything else.

I have found “drag” and “tweak” threshold at the Input page of the Options, but these are for other stuff. I was unable to find a parameter that controls selection radius.

So please point me to the right paramter to control this behaviour.

So please point me to the right paramter to control this behaviour.
I don’t believe there is a setting you can change in user preferences

Perhaps there is some configuration file or registry setting? A script or something like this?
Also, can a click on a whitespace be configured to deselect all? That would help me a lot.

I’m having this issue as well in 2.83.

This radius that blender uses to select closest object/component, can it be controlled some how?

(Rather when I add to my current selection it has a pretty wide radius that it looks for the nearest component or object to add)